The Content and Origins of the Didache[01]

The Didache

Toby Janicki is the author of the new book published by Vine of David, The Way of Life, an important translation and Messianic Jew…

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The Didache

Ever heard of the Didache? It is one of the earliest writings by believers in Yeshua that some feel was written as early as 50 CE. It is a manual of practical living instructions written for new Gentile believers in Messiah. It may even contain material older than many of Paul’s epistles and the Gospel of John. The Didache offers believers today an incredible window into the life of Yeshua-believers at a time when believers functioned as a sect within Judaism and not as a separate religion. In five short videos about the Didache, Toby Janicki, author of the newly released Messianic Jewish commentary on the Didache, The Way of Life, introduces viewers to the Didache and the importance of the ancient text.

The Didache[5 Videos]


  • A Promise of What Is to Come
  • Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels
  • Learning from Levertoff
  • Sabbath Table Melodies
  • The Didache
  • The Life of Levertoff
  • The Sabbath Table