The Early Years[01]

The Life of Levertoff

Many great men through the ages have made tremendous contributions to the community of faith - yet some have remained more obscure than others. Paul Philip Levertoff was a twent…

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The Life of Levertoff

This series of seven videos is all about the life and times of Paul Philip Levertoff, a twentieth-century Jewish believer from an Orthodox-Chasidic background. His life and work is nearly lost to time. Vine of David presents his life in these videos. Learn about the early years of this Messianic Jewish Pioneer.

The Life of Levertoff[7 Videos]


  • A Promise of What Is to Come
  • Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels
  • Learning from Levertoff
  • Sabbath Table Melodies
  • The Didache
  • The Life of Levertoff
  • The Sabbath Table